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Crimping Tools

We welcome you to peruse our extensive selection of inexpensive crimping tools. We carry everything from economy-priced all-in-one tools — which include crimpers, wire cutters, wire strippers, and bolt cutters — to telecom connector tool kits and professional coaxial crimping tool kits. In addition Circuit Specialists carries the Telemaster telephone tool which cuts, strips, and crimps quickly and easily with a single tool and features a sturdy steel frame for long-term dependability.

All-In-One Tool


In Stock

Item no. 100-002

Closed Barrel Contacts 4-Indent Crimper


In Stock

Item no. 300-015

IDEAL Multi Crimp/Strip Tool


In Stock

Item no. 45-778

7-1/4'' D-Sub Crimping Tool


In Stock

Item no. 6PK-202A

Push-On F-Connectors


In Stock

Item no. 85-065

D-SUB Crimping Tool


In Stock

Item no. HT-213

7 1/2'' Pro Coax Crimping Tool Kit


Available for back order

Item no. HT330K