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5 Amp Bench Power Supply 0-30 VDC Plus 5V Fixed

Item no. CSI3005X5

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0-30VDC 0-5A / 5VDC 1A, Dual Output Bench Power Supply

The CSI3005X5 is a high stability LCD digital read-out bench power supply featuring constant voltage and current outputs. Short circuit and current limiting protection is provided. SMT PC boards and a built-in cooling fan help ensure reliable performance and long life.The perfect choice for lab and educational use. The voltage is adjustable from 0-30 VDC. Output up to 5 Amps. A 1A, 5VDC fixed output is on the rear panel for additional versatility. This benchtop power supply is a terrific value & compares to bench power supplies costing twice as much.

CSI3005X5 Bench Power Supply Features

  • SMD adhesive sheet element technology for internal pcb construction
  • Attractive green large LCD display
  • Built in cooling fan
  • Multiloop high precision voltage regulation
  • Progressive current regulation
  • Dual terminal system. Safety test style or expandable screw terminals
  • Overload protection circuit
  • Low ripple voltage: <1mV P-P
  • Output polarity: positive or negative
  • Rugged reinforced metal frame construction
  • Source effect: 5 x 10(-4) =2mV
  • Load effect: 5 x 10(-4) =2mV
  • Ripple coefficient: <250uVStepped current: 30mA +/- 1mA


  • (1) Banana to Aligator Cable
  • (1) Spade to Open End Cable

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