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Data Logging Digital Multimeter with USB interface

Item no. DM620
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50,000 Count Data Logging Meter

True RMS Digital Multimeter with USB Interface.

  • Data Logging: 18,000 Points
  • USB Interface: (USB Computer Cable & USB AC Charger Included)
  • Basic Accuracy: 0.05% DC V
  • 50,000 Counts
  • True RMS
  • Auto Calibration
  • Trend Plot
  • Real Time Clock
  • 10 MHz Frequency Counter
  • Record, Realitve, Compare, & Period Modes
  • Manufactured in Korea by Smtech
  • Includes padded zippered carry case
  • Technical Specs

Evaluation of the DM620
Auto ranging True RMS Data Logging Meter
By George Leger, MSEE
Feb 28, 2012

The  DM620 multimeter was evaluated and used to perform a variety of measurements and datalogging operations. This unit is sold by Circuit Specialists and comes with a full one year warranty.

The purpose of this evaluation is to demonstrate the relative accuracy and illustrate the features of this new product. The DM620 data-logging meter features auto ranging and has an auto shut down feature that extends battery life when the unit is left powered up. It also features Range Hold, Data Hold, and an audible continuity function. Besides the True-RMS AC and DC measurement modes for both voltage and current, it also features Resistance, Capacitance, and temperature measurements, along with a diode test function and the ability to measure the Frequency, Period, and Duty cycle of signals up to 10 Mhz.

The measurements performed were Voltage (AC and DC), current (AC and DC), Resistance, and Temperature. In addition, the True RMS feature was explored using a non-sinusoidal waveform and comparing the result with the mathematically calculated value. I also exercised the frequency measurement function along with the period and duty cycle modes of operation.

The DATA LOGGER operation was also exploited and found to be quite easy to use. This feature is especially useful if a large amount of data needs to be recorded over a long period of time. I found it useful for measuring discharge rate on a rechargeable battery used in a solar power application. The unit features a USB interface along with an easy to use Windows based program for remotely controlled applications and for the saving of captured data to a Personal Computer. The data logger mode allows up to 18000 measurements to be stored internal to the meter. The sampling interval can be adjusted from 1 to 999 seconds between measured data points.

This data logging meter also features a RECORD mode that will show Maximum and Minimum values of a measured quantity. This is useful for determining the amount of variation in a measured quantity.

RELATIVE mode is the standard measurement mode and has the additional ability to display relative deviation of the measured quantity.

COMPARE mode can be used to verify that the measured quantity falls within any preset High and Low limits. It is useful for use as a Go/NOGO test or sorting operation.

TREND mode can be used to display a graphical representation of the measured value over any desired time interval. It can be used in lieu of data-logging if an instantaneous display of multiple measurements is desired.

The DM620 is a low priced but extremely capable data logging meter that offers many additional data-logging features. It features a built in rechargeable Li-Ion battery that may be recharged from any USB port. The unit comes with all necessary accessories including a versatile USB interface, temperature probe, a durable rubber boot and a handy soft carrying case.

Electrical Specifications

 DC mV Range Resolution Accuracy Impedance Max. Input
500 mV 0.01mV ±(0.05%+5d) 10MΩ 1000VDC or 750VAC rms
 DC V Range Resolution Accuracy Impedance Max. Input
5V 0.0001V ±(0.05%+5d) 10MΩ 1000VDC or 750VAC rms
50V 0.001V
500V 0.01V
1000V 0.1V
 AC V Range Resolution Accuracy Impedance Max. Input
45 ~ 450Hz 450 ~ 10kHz
5V 0.0001V ±(0.5%+20d) ±(2%+20d) 10MΩ 1000VDC or 750VAC rms
50V 0.001V
500V 0.01V
1000V 0.1V
 AC+DC V Range Resolution Accuracy Impedance Max. Input
45 ~ 450Hz 450 ~ 5kHz
1V 0.00001V ±(2%+50d) ±(2.5%+50d) 10MΩ 1000VDC or 750VAC rms
10V 0.0001V
100V 0.001V
1000V 0.01V
 Resistance Range Resolution Accuracy Protection
500Ω 0.01Ω ±(0.2%+5d) 1000VDC or 750VAC rms
5kΩ 0.0001kΩ
50kΩ 0.001kΩ
500kΩ 0.01kΩ
5MΩ 0.0001MΩ ±(1%+10d)
20MΩ 0.01MΩ
 Continuity Range Resolution Threshold Protection
5kΩ 0.0001kΩ Less than 100 ohm .
 Diode Range Resolution Max. Test Current Open circuit voltage Protection
3V 0.001V Approx. 2.5mA 2V 600VDC or
AC Peak
 Frequency Range Resolution Accuracy Protection
1000Hz 0.001Hz ±(0.05%+2d) ±250V
10kHz 0. 0001Hz
100kHz 0.001kHz
1MHz 0.00001MHz
10MHz 0.0001MHz Unspecified
 Period Range Resolution Accuracy Protection
1uS 0.001uS ±(0.05%+2d) ±250V
10uS 0.01uS
100uS 0.1uS
1mS 0.001mS
10mS 0.01mS
100mS 0.1mS
1S 0.001S
 Temperature Range Resolution Accuracy Protection
1200°C 1°C ±(5%+3d) 600VDC or AC Peak
2192°F 1°F °F="32" + (9/5 x °C)
 Data Logger 18,000 Points
DC . Range Resolution Accuracy Max. Burden Protection
mA 50mA 0.001mA ±(0.5%+5d) 500mV 0.5A / 600V
A 10A 0.001A ±(0.7%+5d) 10A / 600V
AC . Range Resolution Accuracy Max. Burden Protection
mA 50mA 0.001mA ±(0.5%+5d) 500mV 0.5A / 600V
A 10A 0.001A 10A / 600V
AC+DC . Range Resolution Accuracy Max. Burden Protection
mA 100mA 0.001mA ±(1.5%+50d) 400mV 0.5A / 600V
A 10A 0.0001A 10A / 600V
 Power Requirement  3.7V Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
 Dimensions  7 7/8" x 4 1/8" x 1 5/16" (200x105x34mm)
Standard Accessories Manual, Test Leads, Battery, Carrying Case, Holster, Temperature Probe & Adaptor, Software, USB Cable, USB AC Charger
Back Light Off Back Light On

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DM620 Logging Software (ISO) CD file

DM620 Logging Software - Operating Guidelines

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