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Programmable Power Supply 0-18V/ 0-5A

Item no. CSI3644A

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Programmable DC Bench Power Supply 0-18V/ 0-5A

The CSI3644A Programmable Power Supply is equipped with a back-lit LCD display, number keypad and a rotary code switch for ease of use & quick programming. Voltage, Current & Power can all be displayed on the LCD or computer screen (with optional RS-232 interface module). It can be operated at constant current mode, constant voltage mode & constant power mode. It also can be set with maximum limits for current & power output. Up to 10 individual settings may be applied & stored in memory for lightning fast recall. An ideal instrument for scientific research, educational labs or any application requiring a sophisticated DC-power source.

Key Features of the CSI3644A Programmable Power Supply:

  • LCD display with back light
  • Numeric keypad and rotary knob
  • High Resolution at 1mV
  • Up to 10 settings stored in memory
  • Over or under voltage protection
  • Over or under current protection
  • Adjustable & constant voltage outputs
  • Adjustable & constant current outputs
  • Can be set for user defined maximum current
  • Easy programming via keypad or rotary code switch
  • Power shut-down memory function
  • May be monitored via PC software (requires optional RS232 adaptor module)
  • Small-Size, light weight for easy transportation
  • May be used in series or parallel modes with additional CSI3644A supplies.