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Step Up/Down Transformers

Shop for affordable step up/step down transformers designed to compensate for the different cycles of North American and European power (60 versus 50 Hz) in order to keep your appliances from running slower. Things like clocks and timing circuits that use power system frequency as a timing base will not keep accurate time at a different power cycle. Be sure to use a transformers with sufficient wattage for your devices. We also carry variacs for raising or lowering AC voltage.

North American power is generated at 60 Hz (cycles) and European power at 50 Hz (cycles). This difference in cycles may cause items implementing motors in a 60Hz USA appliance to operate slightly slower in Europe with their 50 Hz system. Also, clocks and timing circuits which utilize the power system frequency as a timing base will not keep accurate time. However, most modern electronic devices including computers, battery chargers, printers,  etc will not be impacted by the difference in cycles as these products adjust internally for the cycle difference. Most products will not be affected by the different cycle rates between the USA & Europe making a good step up-step down transformer very effective in adjusting between the two voltages. The electronic product being powered through a Step-up-Step-Down transformer should not exceed the output wattage of the transformer. So please check the wattage requirement. We suggest selecting a 30~50% higher capacity transformer to make sure there is no overload.