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Variac - Variable Auto Transformer

Item no. TDGC2-0.5

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Low Cost VARIAC-Auto Transformer

A Handy item for any bench, this Variac or Auto Transformer is high efficiency and with no waveform distortion. Rated at 110V input with an output voltage of 0-130V. Maximum output current is 5A with a capacity (KVA) of 0.5. This Variac- auto transformer is used to either raise or lower the AC voltage that enters it. The output is also AC and it does not affect the cycles. So if you had a 130 volt AC input at 60 Hz, you could plug in this auto transformer and change the AC from 130 volts to perhaps 90 volts ( depending on your requirements ). The 60Hz cycle would not be affected.

This auto transformer is VERY popular for home coffee roasting. It allows much greater control of the temperature of the roasting of coffee beans. They can also be used in science lab, audiophile (Great for old Tube Amplifiers), Science lab, hobby, film & video lighting applications.

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