3D Printed Robot Arm Build by Khang Nguyen

For those of you that have been keeping up with our blog and social media streams, you may have seen prior entries about our latest robot arm IEEE lab at Arizona State University.

robot arm

In this most recent adventure to ASU, we challenged the students to construct a functioning robot arm out of 3D printed parts and servo motors.

The lab, and all of the 3D printed components were developed by our talented friend Khang Nguyen, a local Arizona robot designer.


Since the lab, Khang has put together the complete build report for the robot arm, including each of the 3D Printing .stl files, and the arduino code that controls the potentiometers.

If you’re printing with the Robox 3D Printer we offer, these files are absolutely compatible.

robot arm

We hope that by sharing this, you will be inspired to try re-creating this project, as well as further develop its functionality.

In the meantime, make sure you follow Khang on Instructables, this isn’t the first (or last) amazing creation of his!

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