3D Printing A Banana Pi Box

Many of our customers purchase supplies from our store in order to build 3D printers. This inspired us to build our own 3D printer a few months ago using stepper motors and the various other components required. After printing other people’s designs from www.thingiverse.com using our 3D printer filament for our first few prints, we decided it was time to create one of our own.

Inspired by some of the other Banana Pi boxes we found on Thingiverse, we chose to print a plastic box for our quad-core Banana Pi M2 single-board computer with built-in WiFi.  Frist, we sketched up the snap-together box using Google Sketchup.


Once the six sides of the box were sketched as .skp files, we had to convert them to .stl in order to share them on Thingiverse and so we could eventually convert them into a file for our 3D printer. We used an extension in Sketchup to export the .skp as an .stl and subsequently converted this file into .gcode (using Skeinforge), so our Mendel90 3D printer could print this file.


Although the final print was accurate to the CAD files, we noticed a few issues. The box was slightly too small to envelope the Banana Pi M2 and the holes where the sides fit together were a bit too snug. We will revise the drawings by increasing the scale by about 1-2% and give it another go! You can find the current .stl files here on Thingiverse. Keep an eye out for a future update, after we revise the design.



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