3 Things We Learned From a Compromised Print – 3D Printing Tips

Thank you so much to everyone that joined us for #LivestreamFridays!

As I’m sure some of you noticed, we did unfortunately run into some technical difficulties in the final portion of our Robox print. The middle clip actually came detached and it completely compromised the print. So we figured we could use this as an opportunity to grow and develop our skills and share some 3D Printing Tips with you all.

(we will have the video and some screenshots posted here as soon as it’s finished processing on youtube)

We contacted Robox on twitter for some tips on how we could avoid this problem, and very shortly after we had a response.

Turns out, when you’re using ABS to print, it is CRUCIAL to maintain an appropriate ambient temperature. Because we had the front lid open (to get a better camera shot) the filament did not stay warm enough.

In addition it is EXTREMELY important to have a properly sanded print surface. Fortunately, we just replaced this and had our local Robox rep confirm this was of no issue.

Finally, running regular print head purges will keep your print head and extruder flowing smoothly. You should do this after each time you print.

Well… You live and you learn. We’re glad we can do these prints and learn more about the CEL┬áRobox, so we can pass this valuable information over to you guys.

Summary, 3D Printing Tips We Learned Today:

1. Make sure your ambient temperature is appropriate for the filament you’re using. (usually this means keep the door closed)
2. Make sure your print surface is well sanded and at the right temperature.
3. Run frequent purges to keep your print head flowing smoothly.

Big shout-out to the guys over at Robox and their incredible customer support.

Hopefully our next #LivestreamFridays will go better!
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