4x4x4 LED Cube Tutorial

ledbox-0Here at Circuit Specialists we like to build, create, and design projects that can be both educational and fun. Ever since we started carrying the Arduino UNO compatible OSEPP UNO R-3 Plus, we have been searching for different applications for which this microcontroller is well-suited. After scouring the internet for projects that require no prior programming experience and limited soldering skills — not to mention a cheap, fun, and entertaining project — we finally settled on the 4x4x4 LED Cube.

The 4x4x4 LED Cube is a simple Arduino project that can easily be manipulated or left as-is to produce mesmerizing LED patterns and effects that will leave your guests impressed with your design, programming, and soldering skills. All the parts used in this project have been combined in a single kit that we offer at Circuit Specialists called the LED Cube.

This design is based on an Instructable by the user “Kyle the Creator”. You can find his actual project by clicking on this link: 4x4x4 LED Cube. I had the pleasure of working on this project for Circuit Specialists and let me tell you what — the pictures, descriptions, and step-by-step instructions from Kyle’s tutorial combined to make it one of the simplest and easiest to follow that I have ever encountered online.

After printing out the PDF template for the LED pattern found in Kyle’s Instructable and gathering all the parts from Circuit Specialists’ on-hand inventory, I got to soldering. Because it was a job requiring a lot of soldering and multiple hands, I wholeheartedly recommend picking up a helping hands unit. It saved me a lot of time and spared my sanity. In fact, I used the ZD10Y helping hand from Circuit Specialists so much I even wrote a blog on just how useful this particular unit is. At the time of this blog’s publication, Circuit Specialists offers three other types of helping hands at very reasonable prices.

I had a blast recreating this 4x4x4 LED cube and am excited that Circuit Specialists has become a forerunner for supplies in the current Maker Movement — now all us do-it-yourselfers have a reputable company with low prices and high-quality products where we can find everything we need for all our projects. I hope that you all enjoy this project as much as I did! Before you get started, please check out video above of the cube I created in action. Take care, solder safe, and keep on creating!

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