Here Are 7 Exciting Projects For Your Cel Robox 3D Printer

Did you know the first 3D printer was invented in 1983? 3D printing has certainly come a long way since then. The costs have significantly decreased over the past five years. One of the most affordable on the market is the Cel Robox 3D Printer.

With a 3D printer, the number of projects you can build is endless! Sometimes it’s overwhelming to figure out where to start. Here are 7 projects we recommend you check out:



chip clip cel robox 3d printer

[Photo courtesy of Thingiverse: by Ben Heck]

Project: Chip Clip

Short description: You know when you open a brand new bag of chips? Your wife just brought home from the grocery store. They taste so good but then she says not to spoil your appetite for dinner. You’re forced to put them away and so you roll up the bag. You open the drawer and realize you’re out of chip clips? No problem! Using your 3D printer, you can print a new one!


bag holder cel robox 3d printer

[Photo courtesy of Thingiverse: by Ivan Seidel]

Project: Grocery Bag Holder

Short description: Sometimes it’s the simplest hacks that make the biggest impact. We all know the challenge it is to carry several bags of groceries in from the car. With this simple thing, you can easier bring in multiple bags at once. No more trying to get all the bags in one hand. Build this project and make your life easier.



self-watering planer cel robox 3d printer

[Photo courtesy of Thingiverse: by parallelgoods]

Project: Self-Watering Planter

Short description: We all would love to have more plants around the house or at the office. But the problem is this: we worry we’ll forget to water them. Don’t worry, there’s an easy solution. In this project, you’ll build a self-watering planter. Minimal care necessary – the plant will regularly water itself. You just have to make sure there’s water when it runs out. Use this project to bring more oxygen into your life.



phone stand cel robox 3d printer

[Photo courtesy of Thingiverse: by GoAftens]

Project: Phone Stand

Short description: Our phones are with us at all times, especially at work. Why not build a stand to have a handy little place for it? This project will lead you there.



solderless circuit board cel robox 3d printer

[Photo courtesy of instructables: by mikey77]

Project: Solderless Circuit Board

Short description: This is one of the coolest projects we found when it comes to 3D printing: a solderless circuit board. These experimental circuit boards are similar in size and thickness to the standard and relatively easy to build. Learn how with this project.



modular mounting system cel robox 3d printer

[Photo courtesy of Thingiverse: by yyh1002]

Project: Modular Mounting System

Short description: Similar to the phone stand we mentioned in #4, this project teaches you how to build a few different types of mounts depending on your needs. You could build a simple phone stand, a clamp which holds your phone or a mount for your camera. These are handy if you have a camera or a GoPro.



measuring cube cel robox 3d printer

[Photo courtesy of Thingiverse: by iomaa]

Project: Measuring Cube

Short description: This is our favorite project in the category of useful things. It’s a measuring cube, which has all the measurements you could need but using only one object. It’s genius! The best part is – you can print your own!


Planning to build something else with your Cel Robox 3D printer or another 3D printer? Let us know and we’ll feature you on our blog!

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