Assembling the Array Rack Mount Kit

The Array 19″ Rack Mount Kit is designed for mounting one or two Array power supplies or electronic loads into a standard 19″ rack.

Since the kit doesn’t come with a manual, we thought it would be handy to provide some simple instructions on how to make it all fit together.

array-1 array-2 array-3

There are two mounting holes on the sides of all Array power supplies and electronic loads that need to be exposed in order to mount the metal flanges supplied with the kit. Once the side handles have been removed (if they have already been attached), you should see two screws in each side of the unit. After you remove the screws and position the flanges over the outermost holes on the unit, you will use the same screws to secure the flanges to the sides of the unit.



The kit comes with five flanges. In this example we will mount the power supply on the left side of the rack mount and the blank plate on the right side. You will use the first set of flanges if you are mounting just one unit in the rack mount kit. We will first mount the short L-shaped side flange to the left side of the power supply, and then mount the blank plate side flange to the right of the power supply, covering the space for the second power supply or electronic load.

array-5  array-4

After both flanges have been attached to the power supply, it will sit on the shelf. The mounting tabs should align with the tabs on each side of the rack mount shelf. Once the retaining screws (not included) are attached to the user’s 19″ rack, it will all be held together as one unit.



Mounting two Array units into the kit is similar to the procedure for mounting one unit, and it isn’t much more complicated. The Array unit on the left will have the same L-shaped side flange on the left side of the unit with one of the center flange pieces mounted on the right side of the unit. Mount another L-shaped side flange to the right side of the Array unit that you want positioned on the right side of the rack. The other center flange piece mounts on the left side of that Array unit.

array-7   array-8

The two Array units are held together by attaching the two supplied screws to the center flange pieces. You can then place the two units on the rack shelf, after which you will secure them to the frame of the 19″ rack with retaining screws (again, not included).


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