NEW PRODUCT FEATURE: Blackjack Solderwerks All-in-One Rework Station – BK8000

We’re proud to announce a fresh availability of the brand new Blackjack Solderwerks all-in-one soldering rework station, the BK8000. This versatile system includes a soldering iron, de-soldering gun, and hot air handle with a mechanical arm.

Blackjack Solderwerks BK8000 Rework Station
Blackjack Solderwerks BK8000 w Hot Air GunBlackjack Solderwerks BK8000 All in one


Dimensions: 188mm wide x 126mm high x 320mm deep

Power Consumption: Up to 500 watts
Temperature Range: 100 deg to 480 deg C
Heating Element: Metal Heating Core
Pumps: Diaphram Pump, 23L min.

60 Watts Max
Temp Range: 200 deg-480 deg C
Heating Element: Ceramic
Voltage: 24V DC

Power Consumption: 70 watts max
Temp Range: 200-480 deg C
Heating Element: Ceramic
Voltage: 24V DC
Pump Type Reciprocating Piston Pump (80KPA)

This unit also boasts a few very special features….

  • The Desoldering Pistol features an UPGRADED PLUNGER TYPE DIAPHRAGM pump that has FOUR TIMES the suction power of previous models.
  • BlackJack SolderWerks Hot-air triple protection system which provides: (1) SYSTEM COOL-DOWN (2)AUTO SYSTEM SLEEP and (3) OVERHEAT PROTECTION.
  • The soldering iron is compatible with standard solder or lead free solder.

But the best thing about the BK8000 is… 

The BlackJack SolderWerks BK8000 Advanced Repair System is equipped with a dual-port dual-pump design.  The dual-port dual-pump system allows for seamless work flow as the Hot Air Gun, Soldering Iron and De-Soldering Gun can be operated simultaneously.

The BlackJack SolderWerks BK8000 is only $279, includes a 1-Year warranty, and ships to the US for FREE! Click the link to view even more specs and info! Also, check out our huge inventory of soldering equipment and supplies.

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