New CEL Robox Products Available at Circuit Specialists!

We’re proud to announce the fresh availability of some excellent new CEL Robox Accessories!

To give you a little history…CEL Robox Accessories at Circuit Specialists

The CEL Robox  is the flagship 3D Printer offered by Circuit Specialists. It has been reviewed by many as a printer with “above average” print quality.

When it was introduced in 2014, the CEL Robox won the Editors Choice Award by Printers Reviewed. “Of all consumer 3D printers at the show, the Robox was objectively the best. Period (Printers Reviewed, 2014).”

As this blog is being written in April 2016, the CEL Robox still sits in the Top 5 Best Printers on
Printer Quality Ratings

As I’m sure you were aware, the 3D Printing industry has come a LONG way since 2014.

Rightfully so, CEL Robox has also made significant headway in the development of their printer and line of printing accessories.

One of the products we’re most excited about is the new Dual Material Head replacement kit!

Robox Dual Material 3D Printer Print Head - Circuit Specilists BlogThe Dual Material head consists of 2 independently controlled heated nozzles each with the unique Robox needle valve control system. Also included is a 2nd extruder and reel holder which will feed the 2nd material.

This upgrade gives you the power to run 2 different colors, implement a different support material, or even run two totally different kinds of filament. We recommend this to anyone looking to do some serious multi-color / multi-material printing.

Another highly useful upgrade to your printer is this Set of 4 Robox Carving Tools.

Robox set of 4 chisel set - Circuit Specialists

This set of chisels with different tips are ideal for cleaning up 3D printed models. They enable you to fine tune your print and create excellent models.

In addition to upgrades, we are also now carrying Robox Replacement Parts.

robox replacement extruder - circuit specialits blogRobox Replacement Extruder Filament Feed (above):

This extruder is the same as that shipped with the Robox. Robox has space for 2 extruders, this module can be used to feed 1.75mm filament to either the RBX01-SM or RBX01-DM head and more heads and modules in the future. Print Filament Material Compatibility: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PC, PVA

Robox Single Material Dual Nozzle Head (below):

robox replacement head - circuit specialists

This head is the same as the head which Robox launched with, it has 2 nozzles both of which are supplied from a single material feed.

We are also now stocking the “little things” that can make or break your print quality.

robox tip wipe blade - circuit specialists

A dirty or damaged Tip Wipe Blade or ThermoSurface 3D Print Surface can be the difference between “okay” and “excellent” prints.

Replace these parts often to ensure the best quality prints possible.

robox replacement 3d printer surface - circuit specialists

Of course, what is the point of all of these nice parts without….

Awesome new Print Filament Colors!

Circuit Specialist now stocks SmartReels in ABS, PLA, CO-PET, Specialty Materials, as well as empty Reels.

Here are just a few of them…

Robox CO-PET Red Filament - Circuit Specialists

 Robox CO-PET Red Filament.

Robox Thermochrome PLA Purple Pink Filament - circuit specialists

Robox Thermochrome PLA Purple / Pink Filament
Changes color with Heat!

Robox HIPS Filament - Natural Color (off white) - Circuit Specialists

Robox Natural Color HIPS Filament (off white).

cornflower blue abs filament - circuit specialists

Cornflower Blue ABS Print Filament.

woody beach specialty 3d printer filament - circuit specialists

Woody Beech Specialty Printer Filament
Mimics wood structurally, but is composed entirely of polymers.

Blank SmartReel 3D Print - Circuit Specialists

Empty Filament Reel with blank EEPROM – Fill it with your own polymer!

You’ll notice some products are advertised as “available for back order” or listed with “Limited Availability.” Do Not Be Put Off By This!

We work closely with a CEL distributor right here in Arizona to help cater to the volume of orders their products receive.

If a product is listed on our site for “back order” feel confident that you will receive your order promptly.

Can we help you get started printing, or even enhance your current 3D Printer?

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