Changing Preset Temperatures in the CSI-STATION-3DLF Soldering Station

The CSI-STATION-3DLF Soldering station available from Circuit Specialists is a 60 Watt soldering station that provides for three preset temperature settings that allow the user to switch rapidly between various temperature settings. These
preset temperatures are very easy to change and the procedure will be described in this application note.

Using the UP (1/↑) and DOWN (2/↓) keys, set the soldering station to the desired temperature. (If the key is held down for a period greater than 3 seconds, the temperature will increase at a more rapid rate.) Once the desired temperature is reached, press and HOLD the (#) key. Now while holding the (#) key pressed, press and release the numeric key corresponding to the desired storage location (1/↑, 2/↓, or 3/*). The display should now indicate the new preset temperature on the bottom portion of the display screen. The preset values will be displayed left to right with temperature 1 on the left, temperature 2 in the middle, and temperature 3 on the right. To illustrate this procedure we will provide an example using a value of 280 degrees to be saved in preset 1. Press the UP (1/↑) and DOWN (2/↓) keys as required to adjust the soldering station display to 280 degrees. When the keys are released, the display will blink three
times and display this new temperature setting. When this temperature value has been reached, press and hold the ( # ) key for at least three seconds and while continuing to hold the (#) key simultaneously press and release the (1/↑) key.
The new preset value of 280 should now be displayed on the lower left portion of the LCD display.

This procedure illustrates the steps required to change the preset temperature settings for the CSI-STATION-3DLF Soldering Station. The steps are very straightforward and easy to follow, but must be performed exactly as indicated.
The availability of three user selected preset temperature values makes soldering of various types of circuits and components easy and efficient.


George Leger has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, worked in private industry pioneering surface-mount technology and in government research labs for twenty years, published several papers on surface-mount technology, co-authored papers published in national symposiums on accelerator technology, was past president of SMTA and an adjunct professor at the community college level, holds a patent, and is a certified microchip design partner, serving as a consultant to many companies developing electronic circuits.

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