5 Small But Excellent Features of the CSI Premier 75w Soldering Station

When it comes time to purchase a new soldering iron (or soldering station), notice the “little” details that make the station not only unique, but also efficient in its purpose. You might find one small detail that transforms your new station from a solution, to a rewarding long-term investment.

With the ultimate effort to balance cost, quality, and user experience, we’re proud to present the CSI Premier 75w Soldering Station.

Circuit Specialists CSI Premier 75w Soldering Iron Station

1Price – Okay, let’s get this out of the way first. The CSI Premier 75w is by far one of the most aggressively priced soldering stations on the market. When you consider the fact that it only costs $59 ($79 for the bundle), the value is almost shocking. The Premier 75w station even offers features like the ones found in much more expensive stations. An example is this Tenma which will set you back over 3 times as much as the Premier 75.

2Build Quality – The Premier 75w Station packs the latest technology, materials, and inspired design into a hard plastic case. The build is secure, attractive, and has proven to be durable even in daily use environments. In addition, the station comes with a 1-Year warranty that covers parts / labor.

3 – Track Record – Since its introduction, the Premier 75w station has been earning its place on work benches everywhere. With positive reviews coming in from clients around the world, as well as respected influencers like ToddFun and Mike Davis, the Premier 75 has proven itself to be a low-cost system that really delivers.

4Advanced Features – What sets the CSI Premier 75w station apart from similarly priced models is the level of personalization it offers. Users of the Premier 75 enjoy the ability to define their own temperature presets, as well as set the auto sleep and shutdown functions to their liking. This allows the station to really adapt to the individual style of the user, making each system one of a kind.

5 – Risk in Purchasing – The ability to order electronics directly from manufactures has made it possible for engineers, hobbyists, jewelers, and others to obtain equipment at very low cost. However, when you order from overseas manufacturers, you assume the risk of complications in shipping, warranty, and returns.

This is not the case when you order the Premier 75w Station from Circuit Specialists. An American company with a vision to make high quality equipment available to its users, Circuit Specialists includes a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, a 1-Year Parts / Labor warranty, and free lifetime tech support from our local office in Tempe, Arizona.

If you have questions, or would like to order the CSI Premier 75w Soldering Station today, give our sales team a call @ 480-464-2485

Direct Link: https://www.circuitspecialists.com/csi-premier-75w-Soldering-Station.html

75w Bundle: https://www.circuitspecialists.com/CSI-PREMIER-75W-Soldering-Station-Kit.html

Circuit Specialists CSI 75w Soldering Iron Station Bundle

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