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Today, we would like to take a moment to feature an incredible local business that is revolutionizing the way people homebrew their beer. The company is called “Stir Starters” and their product is a simple electronic device appropriately titled the “Yeast Stir Plate.

If you're not familiar with homebrew beer, check out for a quick intro.

Stir Starter Vortex - Circuit Specialists BlogAccording to Stir Starters:

Studies show that stirred starters have up to a ten-fold increase in cell counts than a non-stirred starter. Why is this so?

  • Stirred starters continuously aerate the wort. Oxygenated wort is essential for yeast propagation
  • Stirring knocks carbon dioxide, a by-product of yeast growth, out of suspension. Carbon dioxide in solution inhibits yeast growth.
  • Stirring keeps the yeast in suspension and in constant contact with nutrients.

So basically, if you want to make great beer, you’ve gotta keep stirring the yeast!

What makes this company so special, is the way they approach their product. You can order a Stir Starter from any member of their big list of vendors, or you can make one yourself!Stir Starter Assembly - Circuit Specialists Blog

As a member of the electronics supply and maker communities, we absolutely love this! Stir Starters gives you the full list of parts needed (most of which are available at Circuit Specialists), as well as detailed instructions on how to assemble the components and operate the machine.

Stir Starter Schematic - Circuit Specialists Blog

We’ve even had the pleasure of supplying a few thousand plastic project boxes to Stir Starters and others looking to create this ingenious device.

In conclusion, we hope you’ll take a moment to visit our friends over at and check out their awesome stir starter. Maybe you could even find a new use or adaptation for their invention? (Will we see IoT connected Homebrew devices soon??)

For more information on Stir Starters product and design, contact Dan Jeska at or by phone 269.993.6206

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