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As some of you may know, here at Circuit Specialists we love helping support the electronics community by sponsoring YouTuber’s that share exciting and educational content. Today, we would like to share with you our latest partner, Evan Kale.

Evan Kale Youtuber

Evan has been posting videos on his youtube channel, EvanKale91, for about 3 years now. His first few were actually music videos featuring his skills on the guitar. Now, Evan has focused his channel on a totally unique hybrid of electronics, arduino programming, gear hacking, and still incorporates a musical aspect.

This video appropriately shows how wacky the channel can get!

Evan is known for taking common household items and really expanding their functionality. Here, he took a playstation2 controller and turned it into a universal bluetooth gamepad!

We sent Evan a few products to implement in his experiments. We asked him for some critical feedback, and here’s what he had to say:

“I’ve had a chance to try out most of the products, and so far, they have all been top quality.
I used to get my tools online, shipped from overseas (China), and the quality of those things are abysmal.
I would have to replace everything after a few uses and sometimes things would break out of the box.
The tools I got from you all feel extremely rigid, and I looks like they’ll last me a long time.”

– Which products have you had an opportunity to test out so far? Initial thoughts?

So far I’ve used the alligator clips (so much better than any online seller I’ve bought them from before), helping hand (haven’t gotten used to it – more below), solder sucker, tip cleaner, heatsink (works great as a reverse tweezer too), and test leads (more below).

– Did the “low cost solder suction pump tool” function as you’d hoped?

It’s everything I would expect a solder sucker to do 🙂
The tip on my previous one was wearing out so this was the exact replacement I needed.

– Is the solder an appropriate grade for your application? How does the quality match up to the price of other solder you’ve used?

The diameter of both solder rolls were too thin for what I’m currently working on, so I haven’t tried the solder yet.
But will let you know when I do get a chance to!

– What’s your general opinion of the “CSI-08C tip cleaner with Rosin“?

I used to use a wet sponge, and this is so much better. I appreciate not having hot solder pieces bounce back to my face when I clean the tip any more 🙂

– Are all of the test leads making good contact and do you have the diversity you need?

The test leads does seem to have slight contact problems at the very tip. But I haven’t used them enough yet for it to be a nuisance. I do like how long and sharp the leads are.

– Has the ZD-10G Magnifier / Helping Hand proven useful on your workbench?

I haven’t been able to adapt to the helping hand yet, but it’s a very sturdy tool. Build quality of it is fantastic. No loose joints/bad screws.

We would also like to congratulate Evan for reaching 10,000 subscribers on his channel!

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