So long George, you will be missed

These are sad days at Circuit Specialists. Our long time technical support director, George Leger has passed away at just 65 years young. George has been an invaluable resource to our company and many of our customers for many years and all who knew him will miss him greatly.

George Keith Leger     August 15, 1951 – April 25, 2017

George grew up in Las Vegas, New Mexico.   George always had an aptitude for electronics and received his Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He spent many years working in the high-tech industry working for Sandia Labs, Los Alamos and the University of California, Berkeley.

Before joining the Circuit Specialists team in 2007, George was actually our best customer showing up almost daily with his trademark cowboy hat. He was very helpful in assisting us evaluate new products and had an exceptional knowledge of Test & Measurement equipment. Finally, when his employer decided to relocate to Texas, we decided to ask George to join our team full-time and he has been assisting customers and evaluating new product samples exceptionally well ever since.


george video demo


George was truly a one of a kind engineer and person. His excitement as he worked in electronics was contagious. He hummed, he sang, and he joked all throughout the day with all of his coworkers. He was the soul of Circuit Specialists for many years and he brought tremendous character and heart to the business. In the age of the internet and digital communication, George was truly an “old school” kind of guy. He preferred to call you on the phone, have you come into the shop, or get a hands on look at the circuit he was trying to troubleshoot.

George also ran a separate electronics consulting business called EASI. He was also a part-time professor at MCC while working at Circuit Specialists. Always helping others learn and sharing his passion for electronics.

George is survived by his wife, Gina Leger, sons Keith Max Phillip and Joshua, daughter-in-law Joselyn, and family.

He was truly one of a kind and all of us will miss him dearly.  Thank you George for all you have done for us, for your family, your faith, and for the electronics community.




It was 1971 when an amazing new device called the Integrated Circuit became the new big thing in electronic design and manufacturing, and the Thorpe family started their mail order catalog, Superconductor Supermart. Wayne is still active on a daily basis with Circuit Specialists, serving as a consultant and intermediary to all of its international vendors.

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