How to draw an Arbitrary Waveform using a function generator from Siglent

How to draw an Arbitrary Waveform using a function generator from Siglent and EasyWave Software

Learning how to draw an arbitrary waveform using a function generator is easy with Siglent’s function generators.    In honor of Thanksgiving this year we are going to attempt to draw an arbitrary waveform turkey shaped waveform, split into two waveforms for the top and bottom of the turkey (on Ch1 and Ch2 outputs respectively) using Siglent’s EasyWave software tool, an SDG1050 function generator, and read the output using a DSO5000 series oscilloscope.



Using the EasyWave software and your Siglent function generator you can draw waveforms several different ways.  You can use existing built-in waveforms and modify them, like a sine wave or square wave, you can draw the wave using your mouse or coordinates, or you can plot a wave using a mathematical expression.

So how exactly do you draw an arbitrary shape like a turkey using Siglent’s software and function generators?  Below an instructional video and steps:


Step 1: Install EasyWave Software at the link here – you must first register/login using your email but that is free

Step 2: Install NI-Visa (National Instruments virtual instrument software) from the National Instruments website

Step 3: Run EasyWave

Step 4: Using the hand draw feature, draw the waveforms you would like to load on the function generator

Step 5: Save the file as a csv to a USB flash drive (flash drive size must be smaller than 4GB to load on the Siglent function generator)

Step 6: Recall the waveform using your Siglent function generator, save the file to memory.

Step 7: Output and display the waveform on your oscilloscope — or send it to your circuit’s input.  Enjoy your arbitrary turkey shape!


draw an arbitrary waveform
Found on Math Drills Cartesian Art


Here is the image that inspired our attempt at a Turkey shaped waveform, let us know in the comments how you think we did.


make an arbitrary waveform shaped like a turkey


See the full video below on how we generated the signals shaped like the turkey.


You can find all of Circuit Specialists electronic test & measurement equipment including function generators and signal generators on our website.

You can check out Siglent’s new function generators like the SDG6052x that go up to 500 MHz in bandwidth.

To learn more of the fundamentals and applications for function generators read our former EE technician George’s blog here on how to use a function generator to test a circuit.


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