How to Install Windows 7 & 8 drivers for the Hantek 365B Data Logging Digital Multimeter

The auto-install program supplied on the disk included with the Hantek 365 USB Data Logger can be confusing for some users when they attempt to load the drivers for Windows 7 or 8. This blog is intended to show you how to install the drivers if you’re having trouble.

The drivers are provided on the supplied disk in the Drivers sub-directory and are labelled as “Hantek DMM“. Step 1 is to use the auto-install program on the disk to install these drivers. To do this, you may need to manually update the drivers via the “Control Panel System” settings in Windows.

Go to “Control Panel Device Manager” and expand “Universal Serial Bus Controllers“. There you will find a device listed as “ST Micro“. Click on this device (i.e. ST Micro) and select the option to “Update Driver” and then select the option to “Let Me Choose the Driver”.

You will then navigate to the Drivers Directory on the CD that came with the Hantek 365B digital multimeter and select “HANTEK DMM DRIVER”.

If the drivers were correctly installed, the Hantek 365B unit will now show up in the DEVICE MANAGER as HANTEK DMM rather than as ST MICRO.


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