How to Make an Industrial Grade Nightlight – Via ElectroBOOM

If you haven’t already seen ElectroBOOM’s YouTube channel, we suggest you do so immediately.  Not only are his videos educational and inspirational, they’re also ridiculously hilarious. It’s not uncommon to see your host Mehdi give a talk about circuitry and electrical theory, before sending a live charge straight through himself!

We recently teamed up with Mehdi to get him some some new gear to work with, as well as pass along a special offer to his subscribers…

"But first I have to thank Circuit Specialists for providing me with some magnificent tools I was craving for. Make sure to visit them for the equipment you need and use the promotion code “ElectroBOOM” for an additional 5% discount till the end of February 2016."

In this week’s build video, “Making an Industrial Grade Night Light”, Mehdi teaches you how to assemble your very own “reliable night light for your nights behind enemy lines.” A device fit for a “Hells Angel’s biker staying overnight in an abandoned factory… who’s afraid of the dark.”

This is the BlackJack SolderWerks Hot Air & Soldering Station Mehdi uses in the video.

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