How to repair your holiday display motor (AM06) for the holidays

I just received a call about a motor for a Christmas display that used an AM06 model motor. I wanted to share with others in case they are Googling it for the season, that if they misplace the connection, or motor has failed, all is not lost.

The motor uses standard wall outlet voltage to power the motor, and therefore you need only to buy a regular extension cord, or IEC C7 cable for around $4.  You then should splice it and connect directly to the motor wires, ensure all the wiring is properly insulated and plug it directly into the wall.  CAUTION: RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK WHEN WORKING WITH HIGH VOLTAGES.  ALWAYS CONSULT WITH A CERTIFIED ELECTRICIAN. 

If you want to replace the actual connector, you’ll need to buy a JST connector for around $2. If you have a problem with the motor, you can purchase replacements on eBay by searching for TYC50 synchronous motor for around $8.

If you need extra help, please contact us so we can assist you and quite fittingly bring back to life that precious Christmas decoration to enjoy for the Christmas season.

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