Introducing Red Pitaya Kits: Versatile DAQ Tools

One of the newest products here at Circuit Specialists is the Red Pitaya STEM-125-10-DK which is a 10-bit advanced DAQ tool based on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology.    We also offer a couple of other versions of the Red Pitaya kits on our website at the link if you’re looking for some more advanced options including an LCR meter on the STEM-125-14-UK.


red pitaya kits
STEM 125-10-DK Diagnostic Kit from Red Pitaya


Red Pitaya offers an application marketplace where apps that have been developed by Red Pitaya and even users can be downloaded.  Some of the most popular applications are the Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Bode Analyzer, and Signal Generator apps that will turn your Red Pitaya into any one of those instruments.  While it won’t have all the full-fledged spec’s of a 200 MHz benchtop oscilloscope or $1,000+ spectrum analyzer, the tool is a great one for someone learning or prototyping.  For many new users they won’t require the high-end features that would come with some specialized benchtop equipment, the Red Pitaya offers a very versatile solution.  Another great reason to jump on the Red Pitaya bandwagon is that the web-based marketplace will be constantly evolving meaning more and more applications will continue to become available.

There are a number of outstanding reviews of the Red Pitaya DAQ boards.  A couple of our favorites are from mjlortonEEVBlog where the reviewers do a series of tests on the different applications available.  One of the coolest features about the Red Pitaya is the ability to generate and measure signals up to 50MHz!  Red Pitaya was originally launched from a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, there have been iterations and improvements to the board since then and they will continue to improve the technology and application marketplace.  Learn more and buy your Red Pitaya kits here.

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