Inventory Alert: Our Ship Has Finally Come In!

You may have noticed that many of our best-selling products have been out of stock in the last couple months. Circuit Specialists, along with thousands of other businesses across the country, has been seriously impacted by the West Coast port slowdown. Thankfully the slowdown has ended and we are beginning to recover and receive much needed shipments of new products. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to you.

If you weren’t already aware, the slowdown was a result of labor negotiations between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and waterfront employers. The failure of both sides to reach a working contract has had a tremendous impact on the timely shipment of product into the United States. We are working hard on our end to overcome the delays this slowdown has caused to our operations.

That being said, Circuit Specialists is happy to announce that we have received our first full container shipment to our new location in Tempe, Arizona.

The West Coast ports are back in operation and Circuit Specialists has received our first full container at our new location. Fancy banner, huh?

The truck arrived early Monday morning, March 2nd, and backed into our dock. Our crew was ready and waiting to unload the full container containing power supplies and many other popular products. At our old location, we would have to unload the container onto pallets in our parking lot, sort the load, and then bring boxes into the warehouse in small lots. Yeah, that sucked.


With the new warehouse layout, we are able to quickly unload a container directly into the warehouse, where it can be sorted much faster and with less effort.


With much wider isles and a single warehouse area, Circuit Specialists expects to be able to process inbound containers much more efficiently than ever before, enabling us to ship your orders faster.


Circuit Specialists is also working hard to keep more inventory in stock in order to minimize the impact of events like the recent port slowdown.

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