Maker Spotlight: Khang Nguyen – Robot Builder

With an increased availability of parts and resources over the last few years, the maker community has experienced massive growth in size and support. Today, we would like to take a moment to introduce you to our friend, customer, and local Arizona robot builder, Khang Nguyen.

Khang Nguyen Feature - Circuit Specialists Blog

Khang has been visiting our location in Tempe for some time now, and his projects have come a long way!

Here is demonstration of the first quadruped robot he built about a year ago, appropriately named Quad.

Over the last year, Khang has been hard at work developing his robotics skills, as well as 3D printing his own robot body parts.

This is his Trigabot doing a happy dance after receiving a 3D printed makeover.


Khang has even built a Rover Repair Robot, capable of going off-road and pivoting 360 degrees.


But, that’s not it! Mr. Nguyen is also a bit of a hardware hacker.

In this video series, he shows you how to modify one of our servo motors to rotate faster and further.


In addition to his YouTube videos, Khang is also active on instructables, where you can get more detailed information on the specifics of his builds, download code, project specs, and 3D print files. If you’re interested in keeping up to date with his progress, make sure you follow him!

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