The Revolutionary New Mooshimeter is Here!

After much anticipation, we’re proud to announce the fresh availability of the incredible new Mooshimeter Wireless Data-Logging Digital Multimeter!

The Mooshimeter is an absolutely amazing device that addresses many of the needs of today’s technicians and engineers. If you’re not already familiar with the Mooshimeter, simply put, it’s the world’s first smart multimeter that uses your iOS or Android device to capture and log multi-channel measurements.

Mooshimeter wirelessly connects to Android or iOS via low-energy bluetooth and can measure current, voltage, resistance, and temperature. It’s capable of measuring 2 channels at once, up to 600V and 10A with 24bit resolution from up to 150 feet away while logging results for up to 6 months.

The Mooshimeter kit includes:

  • 1x Mooshimeter
  • 2x AA batteries
  • 3x 10A 600V CATIII Test Leads
  • 3x Slide on Alligator Clips
  • Tool Case
**The First 25 Units Shipped will include a FREE 8GB SD Card**

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage
    • Up to 600V, DC or peak AC
    • Up to 420VAC RMS sinusoidal
    • Better than 0.5% accuracy DC
    • Better than 1.0% accuracy AC for harmonic content below 1kHz
    • >10 Megaohm input impedance
  • High Precision Voltage
    • Up to 100mV with <15nV per count resolution
    • Up to 1.2V with <200nV per count resolution
    • >10 Megaohm input impedance
  • Current, Internal
    • Up to 10 Amps
    • 20 µV / mA burden voltage (using factory fuse)
    • Less than 5 µA per count in 10 Amp scale
    • Better than 1% accuracy
  • Resistance
    • Better than 1% accuracy over 20 Ohms – 20 Megaohms
  • Frequency
    • Better than 1% accuracy up to 1kHz
  • Diodes
    • Up to 1V @ 100nA
  • Sampling
    • 8kHz dual simultaneous sampling
    • 4kHz analog bandwidth for most measurements
    • 24-bit resolution max
    • >18 Effective bits at 125 samples per second
  • On Board Storage – SD Card
    • MicroSD Card Up to 32GB (More than a week of constant logging two channels at 8kHz)
    • SD or SDHC (not SDXC)
  • Radio:
    • Protocol: Bluetooth Low Energy
    • GATT Profile: To be released in 2014
  • Wireless Range
    • The wireless range has been tested empirically through the following media to an iPhone 5.
      • 50m air, line of sight
      • 5cm of refrigerator, door closed
      • 1m of 2006 Honda Civic – Engine compartment to the passenger seat
      • 10m air + safety shield of a Tesla Coil rock-bands testing facility

We feel the Mooshimeter makes an excellent addition to our Multimeter selection, and will find a perfect spot in your tool kit.

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