New 19″ Rack Mount for Array Power Supplies & Electronic Loads

Circuit Specialists now stocks a rack mounting kit for the Array 3600 & 3700 series power supplies and electronic loads. The Array 19″ rack mount kit allows for a convenient mount into a standard 19 inch rack.

You can mount either one


or two


of the Array units on the mount.

The following Array power supplies and electronic loads are compatible with the Array 19″ rack mount kit:

Power Supplies

CSI3644A Programmable Power Supply 0-18V / 0-5A

CSI3645A Programmable Power Supply 0-36V / 0-3A

CSI3646A Programmable Power Supply 0-72V / 0-1.5A

Array 3662A Programmable Power Supply 0-35V / 0-14.5A

Array 3663A Programmable Power Supply 0-80V / 0-6.5A

Array 3664A Programmable Power Supply 0-120V / 0-4.2A

Electronic Loads

CSI3710A Programmable Electronic Load 360V / 150W

CSI3711A Programmable Electronic Load 360V / 300W

Array 3720A DC Electronic Load

Array 3721A Programmable DC Electronic Load 0-80V / 0-40A

Array 3722A Electronic Load

Array 3723A Electronic Load

The Array 19″ rack mount kit provides you with a very professional looking rack mount solution designed specially for reliable Array power supplies and electronic loads.


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