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I like to dabble in many different crafts and hobbies; from  LED design and home automation to basic soldering and programming.  In my opinion you can never learn too much or have too many ideas, or interests. A problem I seem to have though is my finances never quite match my drive. Let me explain: While knowledge and desire to learn, in any craft, are priceless, often times we find the equipment needed to execute these goals are price-FULL; with soldering and electronics design being no exception. Fortunately for DIYers like myself Circuit Specialists has a solution: The Learner’s Lab. This new service offered by Circuit Specialists is available to any local hobbyist, assemblist, prototyper, or solderer and is the answer to the problem that we all face: What do we do when we don’t have the resources to finish this one project or the disposable finances to acquire all the tools we may need for a single job? Well now you can come into our shop and use virtually any item we have for sale in order to complete your project or perhaps even get some hands-on feel for a product you were considering purchasing.

What the Learner’s Lab is, is a multi faceted program introduced by Circuit Specialists in order to help provide you whatever level of assistance you may need. The basic core of The Learner’s Lab is to provide participants access to virtually any item Circuit Specialists has for an allotted amount of time monthly for a small recurring fee. What this is is basically a gym membership for your brain! Rather than stressing off how you can afford that 4-channel 200mhz Oscilloscope or Hot-air Station in order to complete your project all you do is head on down to Circuit Specialists and become a member. What’s even better is the fact that that this access to hundreds of items is available for only $25/month to the first 10 people that sign up! We don’t expect this deal to last, and prices for access WILL RISE so if you’re interested in this deal make sure you get filled in on all the details quickly! Simply head down to Circuit Specialists and talk to Josh or Sam and let them answer any question(s) you may have.



Circuit Specialists is dedicated to the knowledge of electronics assembly and the growth of the Maker’s Movement going on around the world right now and especially here in Arizona. Now while the main idea behind the Learner’s Lab is based off giving the knowledgeable an area to create, test, and design we also understand that there are many people who don’t know the basic skills required to proceed. That is why we will also be offering simple instructionals on the use and procedures behind some of the products available, like digital multimeter uses/applications and soldering techniques, for a small additional fee to those that may need some sort of instruction or direction in their assembly journey. If you feel these services would benefit you go ahead and get filled in on all the details simply by coming on in to our new store or calling ahead.

The third part of the new Learner’s Lab amenities offered by Circuit Specialists will be a Consulting Service. This service is offered for those people who need work done for them, whether it be repair, design, or assembly; Circuit Specialists will be able to help assist you in any endeavor as we see fit. Simply bring in your design or item that needs repair and let us take a look at it in order to give you a fair and honest assessment as well as a quote for what we predict labor and parts prices might be.

There are big things happening in this Maker’s Movement and plenty of ways to get you the services and assistance you might need. You may have always felt like the only thing holding you back from starting that project that’s been on your mind was the lack of resources or equipment needed due to financial constraints. Well, don’t let that hold you back any longer! Come into Circuit Specialists today and join the Learner’s Lab so we can create together!! See you soon!

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