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Many applications such as data recovery and repair involve reading or duplicating a Master NAND chip to a blank device.

The most recommended and preferred programmer for such applications is the Xeltek SuperPro 6100, an ultra-fast 144pin Universal Programmer supporting 98,500+ devices.

SuperPro 6100 can program high density NAND and eMMC devices up to 256 GB.

xeltek sp6100 chip programmer

Duplicating a NAND chip is different than copying any other EEPROM or flash chips because bad blocks exist in NAND flash chips.

Mobile device forensics is a branch of digital forensics relating to the recovery of digital evidence or data from a mobile device for criminal identification and investigation.

Xeltek has helped many computer forensic specialists, data recovery engineers, and Government law enforcement agencies in data recovery and forensic applications.

xeltek chip programmer

Digital evidence stored in the non-volatile memory of cell phones can be extracted by using forensic tools via a physical approach. Xeltek expertise is in the physical extraction method. The physical approach is a bit-by- bit copy of the entire physical memory.

The chip is desoldered from the PCB and a socket adapter and programmer is used to get data dump. For BGA chips, reballing is needed after desoldering otherwise the socket cannot make contact with IC pins.

With a device library of over 98,000+ chips, Xeltek chip programmers have support for all major iPhones, Android ,BlackBerry, and Nokia Nand chips such as S72NS128RD0BHL0, PF38F3060M0Y1EE, K5G2829AT, etc.

For a complete list of supported devices, please refer here.

Some important customers using Xeltek Programmers for Forensic applications/Data recovery are: Centre of Forensic Sciences, Toronto Canada Forensics, Department of the Australian Federal Police Recoveo, Pandisk CPR tools, PAYAM Data Recovery, Australia Disklabs, Teel Technologies, Canada Inguardians, DriveSavers, and many more.

If you’re in the data recovery / mobile forensics field, we hope you’ll check out our fresh supply of Xeltek Products.

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