Our Hantek Oscilloscopes are fabricated using higher level components

In a nutshell, Hantek offers their 5000 series oscilloscopes in two versions. For emerging markets and within China where price is often the absolute determining factor, they offer the 5000 series with a “less expensive” power supply and “less expensive” LCD. For more advanced markets, they fabricate these oscilloscopes with higher quality power supplies and LCD’s. The fundamental performance of both models is the same but the overall failure rate for the less expensive builds is significantly higher than the models built for the USA, Europe and other more advanced consumers.

All of the Hantek oscilloscopes stocked by Circuit Specialists are built using the upgraded power supplies and LCD’s. Unfortunately, Hantek does not distinguish between their products by using different part numbers. However, when we order Hantek oscilloscopes, we always specify that they are to supply us with the upgraded versions.

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It was 1971 when an amazing new device called the Integrated Circuit became the new big thing in electronic design and manufacturing, and the Thorpe family started their mail order catalog, Superconductor Supermart. Wayne is still active on a daily basis with Circuit Specialists, serving as a consultant and intermediary to all of its international vendors.

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