The CSI6500 Digital Temperature Meter, a handy tool.

Recently, I found that the CSI6501 Temperature Meter can be a handy tool. Gym memberships can be frustrating at times, depending on how crowded your gym is you may have to wait for the machine that you want to use. Or in my case, the pool at my gym was especially cold. I had complained to management several times as had other members, yet nothing had been done about it for many weeks. After being told by management that the water temperature was fine, I decided that I would see for myself with a digital temperature meter.  I picked up the CSI6501 Digital Thermometer from Circuit Specialists and took it with me the next the next time I went to the gym.

CSI6501 Digital Temperature Meter from
CSI6501 Digital Thermometer

The CSI6501 Digital Temperature Meter

uses a simple K type probe so I just dropped the end of the probe into the pool and let it take a reading. Within seconds it was reading 77 degrees.  My gym advertises that the pool is maintained between 83 to 85 degrees, so a 77 degree pool is well below what they advertise.

I used the HOLD feature on the meter to keep that reading on the screen and I contacted the manager of the gym. I showed him the CSI6501 with the 77 degree reading and got a rather surprised response. We walked back over to the pool and dropped the probe back in and sure enough it was still reading 77 degrees.

Much to my surprise the next time I went to the gym I found the pool temperature was a much more comfortable 83 degrees. When the manager noticed me, he let me know that they had found that the heater controls were malfunctioning and that they had replaced the unit. I have been monitoring the temperature each time I go into the pool and it is nice to see that the temperature has been being maintained between 83 and 85 degrees, right at what they advertise it to be.

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