TIP: Using the VDV501-089 Distance meter with unknown wire types.

Technicians and installers are often faced with the question of `how long is this wire?’ If the wire is already installed or you only have a partial spool it can be a difficult task. Often times without the proper tools your `best guess’ is all you can do.

Now with the tools available today, such as the VDV501-089 Distance Meter from Klein Tools. The VDV501-089 is a handy digital tool that can measure many types of wire either in place or while still on the spool. Frovdv501-089-am Coax to network and telephone twisted pair cables, it is a simple job to connect the VDV501-089 to one end of the cable, set the meter to the cable type and read the cable length right on the device.

If you have a cable that is not one of the preset values on the VDV501-089 you can setup the meter in either of two ways. If you know the capacitance per foot value of the cable you can enter that into the USER setting of the meter and then measure the cable. You can also use a known length of the desired cable and set the capacitance value using the up/down arrow keys until the meter reads out to the known length of the test cable. Note the capacitance value for future uses and when you check the same type of wire it will give you an accurate length. vdv501-089-b

Another handy item to have with the VDV501-089 is a 6 pin modular coupler. This will allow you to test telephone cables that already have modular connectors installed. (an 8 pin coupler would be used to test many network cables.)

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