Unsigned Drivers in Windows 10 64 Bit and Hantek USB Oscilloscopes

Unsigned drivers in Windows 10 64 Bit and the Hantek 80MHz PC Based USB Oscilloscope

Unsigned drivers in Windows 10 64 Bit for some products can be problematic for the 64 bit edition of Windows 10.  Windows 10 64 Bit normally requires signed drivers for installation.  However, some companies haven’t released their drivers as signed files and without signed files they will not install.

One of our customers, George B, had the following information that he shared with us regarding the Hantek 6082BE PC Based USB Oscilloscope, but the concept `should’ work with other USB drivers as well.

George writes, “There is an issue with the Hantek 6082BE driver under Windows 10 64bit. Specifically, Hantek did not sign the driver for the 6082BE, so Win10 64b will not do a thing with it. It doesn’t complain, bong or otherwise alert the user to the issue, it just doesn’t install it. Interestingly, even USBView, Microsoft’s official USB troubleshooting tool, doesn’t report the existence of a plugged in 6082 under Windows 10 64bit.

It is possible to install the driver in Windows 10 64bit, even without signing:

1) Select Shift-restart.
2) Select “troubleshoot”
3) Select “start options” and restart.
4) Select “disable driver signature checking”
5) Install the driver.
6) Reboot Windows to its normal operating configuration.”

We have reached out to Hantek, and they advise they plan to offer signed drivers soon, and we at Circuit Specialists will add them to our listing pages as soon as we are able to get them from Hantek. This “disable driver signature checking” method is an interim way of getting drivers working, but we look forward to seeing signed drivers available soon. Signed drivers are used to verify the integrity of the driver packages from the package vendor, but more importantly to verify the drivers work with windows and don’t cause a kernel fault.

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