UPDATE: Banana PI M2 3D Printed Case

A few months ago we drew up a 3D printed case for the Banana Pi M2 single-board computer.  We uploaded it to the 3D printing site Thingiverse for others to print and use.  There have been a few revisions created based on our design and recently a user uploaded a two piece Banana Pi M2 case that is a tremendous improvement over the six piece version we had originally created.

We used the Robox 3D Printer and ABS printer filament to print the newer design and it printed quite well.   It only required a very small amount of sanding on one of the flanges on the lid to make it fit to the base.  The case fits tightly as printed, though we may add holes for bolts in a future design, and it certainly is a workable case as printed.


Thingiverse and their 3D community is a valuable asset to the 3D printing world and anyone considering our Robox 3D printer should consider joining in on this great resource.

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