Getting Started: The Aardvark HD3M Wireless Inspection Camera

Unlike many IP-based inspection cameras that connect to a wireless access point, the Aardvark HD3M wireless inspection camera is its own access point to which your computer or mobile device directly connects. This allows you to use the HD3M in areas without wireless access, such as a construction site or even a campsite. Because it is its own network, the HD3M also provides greater security, so other people will not see what is on the inspection camera.


You will need to download the Android or iPhone software from the Google Play or Apple App store. The Android version is used in the following example, but the iPhone version is quite similar. First you will go to the Google Play Store and search for the “WiFi Endoscope” app and then install the app to your device. (Note: Sample screens were taken from a Samsung Galaxy S-III running Android version 4.3.)


Once the app is installed the WiFi Endoscope app icon should appear on your device’s homescreen.


At this point you will need to disconnect from the access point or wireless data connection you are currently on and connect to the camera. This initially causes confusion as you must disconnect the computer or mobile device from the access point to which you usually connect and then reconnect it to the wireless inspection camera‘s “WiFi_Endoscope” access point for it to work.


You should also disable your “Auto Network Switch” setting. This will help maintain the connection if the signal level varies as you move the camera around while in use.


Remember that the default wireless SSID for the Aardvark HD3M is “WiFi_Endoscope” and the default password is “00000000” (eight zeroes). Both can be changed, if desired, from within the Windows software. (More on the Windows software below.)


Once you are connected to the camera you will open the WiFi Endoscope application.


The next screen shows the link to the camera. Click on “WiFi Endoscope” to select the camera you’ll be using.


The main viewing screen will appear. From this screen you can choose to capture a photograph or record video.


The app will save the photos or video files to your computer or mobile device. Depending on your device you can view, email, or transfer these files to another device.

Once you have finished using the HD3M you will want to reconnect to your normal access point or wireless data provider.


The Windows-based software for the camera is called “Smart Camera” and is included on the CD that came with your inspection camera.


As with the Android and iPhone software, you must disconnect your computer from your normal wireless access point and connect to the camera’s WiFi access point, “WiFi_Endoscope.”


Once connected to the camera you will run the “Smart Camera” software.


You can take still pictures or record video that has been saved to your computer with this software.


You can also change the resolution of the camera as well as the camera’s WiFi SSID and access password.



As with the Android & iPhone software, once you are finished using the camera you will need to disconnect from the camera’s access point and reconnect to your normal WiFi access point.

Another unique feature of the Aardvark HD3M is Bridge Mode. Once connected to the inspection camera you are able to “bridge” the inspection camera’s WiFi connection to another WiFi access point and then to wherever that access point is connected. You will select the access point to which you wish to connect. Click “Join Network” and follow the login prompts.

On the next screen you will click “Save & Apply” to establish the bridged connection. To connect through the Bridge Mode access a web browser on your computer or mobile device and then access the camera’s default address at “”. Select “Network/Bridge Mode” in the top menu.


Note: Be sure you select a unique network address in Bridge Mode. If the access point to which you are connecting uses the same address you can change the camera’s address in the “Network/LAN” menu. In this example the IP address has been changed to because was already in use.


Once connected in Bridge Mode you can access the Internet or any functions of the access point to which you are connected, enabling you to browse the Internet, networked printers, or shared network hard drives.


You can also access the video stream from the camera from other computers.


There are many options to explore once the HD3M inspection camera is connected to your network in Bridge Mode.

UPDATE:  Having trouble getting your laptop or device connected to the HD3M?  Try a fresh set of good quality Alkaline batteries (inexpensive batteries may not supply enough current or voltage.)  If the power LED on the HD3M  is red, the batteries are low. The power LED needs to be blue for proper operation.

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