Using a USB Flash Drive with Hantek 1000 Series Oscilloscopes

Hantek 1000 series digital storage oscilloscopes feature the ability to store data and screen captures to a USB flash drive. However, there are limitations to the size of the flash drive that will function with your oscilloscope.

First, for the oscilloscope to recognize the flash drive it must be formatted as FAT32. Formatting with FAT32 is pretty straightforward on most operating systems.

Selecting FAT32 on a Windows computer.

We have also found that Hantek 1000 series oscilloscopes will not recognize a flash drive larger than 4 GB. We have tried both 8 and 16 GB flash drives with no success and suspect that the same results will be found with larger flash drives.

Select MS-DOS (FAT) on a Mac.

The same FAT32 requirement applies to USB hard drives as well, though the availability of traditional hard drives that small is rather limited these days.

Select FAT32 when using Linux.

Once the USB flash drive is formatted as FAT32 the Hantek 1000 series digital storage oscilloscopes will recognize it and you can save data and screen captures to it for use on a personal computer.

This formatting restriction also applies to a using a flash drive to update the firmware on the 1000 series oscilloscopes as well as loading and saving waveform data. These oscilloscopes enable you to save and recall either scope set up (vertical, horizontal, and trigger settings) or captured waveforms, which is helpful in subsequent analysis of measured signals and comparisons with new measurements. Waveforms may be saved as graphic images (JPEG or BMP) or in CSV format so that you can post-process the captured waveform data.

Hantek 1000 series oscilloscope file screen

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