Variac new design with ASU Polytechnic

The team at Circuit Specialists was so happy with the capstone project last year that we again sponsored a senior design project at Arizona State University Polytechnic.  Our challenge to the team this year was to implement design improvements to our best-selling variac.  We were lucky to have a team of 4 very talented students sign up for our variac project.  This featured Stephen Buck, Gustavo Reyes, Bumjeon Kim, and Johnathan Barone.  The students have been deeply engaged and committed to developing a unique and feature rich product since day 1 of the project.  Not only did they accept the challenging requirements for the variac redesign we set out for them but they even pushed us to make this product even more feature rich.

We believe that the product in development will really fill a void in the electronics test & measurement marketplace.  Next steps include further development of the prototype further and working toward the final prototype this May.  We hope to begin initial production on a final design by middle of 2017.  Take a look at their initial prototype below.

variac prototyping
Utilizing many of Circuit Specialists parts for the initial prototype development.


Variac prototyping rear
As you can see this was quite the task to solder all the connections but Stephen did a great job, even George our tech guru was impressed.

The team has done an amazing job meeting our needs and specifications while keeping the project safe.  They have also been utilizing many of our electronic prototyping supplies as they develop their initial schematic for the printed circuit board.  These parts include our wiring, switches, sockets, resistors, and switches among other items.  Circuit Specialists been a resource to the team in terms of supplying these components.  This has been a two-way street however and it has been a great opportunity for us to have feedback from the team as well.  Working closely with this team of Electrical Engineers (EE) and learning about their product preferences throughout the design process has provided tremendous value.  We will be sure to take action on all of their recommendations.

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