Voltera: An All-In-One PCB Printer and Circuit Prototyping Machine

Voltera is an all-in-one PCB printer that is revolutionizing the way that PCB prototyping is done.  The latest version of the Voltera, the Voltera-V-One is Circuit Specialists latest catalog addition.  When we first came across Voltera, which is headquartered and manufactures in Canada, we knew the product they manufacture could be revolutionary to PCB prototyping in the same way that 3D printers changed the traditional prototyping industry.  Thousands of businesses now print prototypes in plastic in-house on 3D printers instead of shipping CAD files off to machine shops for prototypes.  We think the V-One will revolutionize PCB prototyping for electronics designers, university researchers, and electronics institutions in much the same way.

voltera v-one printer
Voltera Printer shown on table: image sourced from Feedbox review.

After speaking with the manufacturers of the V-One, we learned of the tremendous possibilities for this PCB printer.  From faster prototyping & quick iterations, to new conductive materials research, to testing out new flexible and thin sheets for traces the possibilities for this versatile and accurate solder dispensing printer are seemingly limitless.  The V-One can already be found at many of the leading research institutes and universities across the world and is an essential tools for anyone that cannot afford to wait weeks for a PCB prototype to be printed at a 3rd party board house before moving to the next iteration of prototyping.  As the manufacturers of the product said themselves, the Voltera PCB printer would have come in handy as they developed the circuitry for the product itself.

Voltera prints Arduino Nano traces
The Voltera prints Arduino Nano traces.

This product is truly all-in-one.  No more stencils are required.  No more messy chemicals.  Prototyping is not limited to rigid FR-4 with the V-One, you can also use it to print on flexible materials like Kapton films.  This opens up a  new window of possibilities for research and development for those developing wearable technologies and in other cutting edge industries.  The V-One can also be used to reflow and dispense solder paste, two popular features.  When you order the Voltera V-One not only will you receive the PCB printer itself but you’ll receive many accessories to support your printing including:

  • Conductive ink cartridge
  • Solder paste cartridge
  • Dispensing units and caps (2)
  • Nozzles (4)
  • Clamps (2)
  • Thumbscrews (4)
  • Pre-solder burnishing pad
  • 2″x3″ FR4 substrates (10)
  • 3″x4″ FR4 substrates (6)
  • 5g spool of solder wire
  • 3g tube of flux
  • Hello World starter kit
voltera prints antenna on kapton film
An antenna is printed on kapton film (above). Printing over pads (below).

voltera while printing

Additional information including technical specs on the Voltera can be found at the Voltera-V-One product page which can be purchased from Circuit Specialists for $3,499, ships within 5 business days, and includes free ground shipping to the US.



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