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RIGOL Technologies: What You Need To Know

RIGOL Technologies: What You Need To Know

RIGOL Technologies is a leader in the design and production of electronic test and measurement instruments, including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, waveform generators, digital multimeters, power supplies, and more. RIGOL delivers innovative testing solutions with uncompromised quality and performance, offering exceptional value for their investments. 

Established in 1998 and headquartered in the buzzing city of Beijing, China, RIGOL has spread its reach worldwide with subsidiaries and offices around the globe, including Tokyo, Munich, and Portland, USA.

Industry-Leading Performance at Affordable Prices

RIGOL technologies, electronics supplies, circuit specialists

RIGOL delivers innovative and high-end test equipment across industries such as technical education, embedded design, WiFi integration, EMC, and manufacturing. What sets them apart is their unique customizable flexibility, which enables their products to be exceptionally cost-effective.

By incorporating customizable features into their product offerings, RIGOL ensures that customers can tailor their solutions to meet specific requirements without incurring unnecessary expenses. This approach allows users to reduce the overall cost of their projects by selecting the exact features and capabilities they need, resulting in a highly efficient and cost-effective solution.

RIGOL's MSO5000 series showcases its commitment to flexibility and affordability, functioning as 7-instruments-in-1. Customers can choose to purchase the base unit and add only the features they need, avoiding unnecessary expenses. 

Additionally, some of RIGOL's oscilloscope series provide expandability options for channels, bandwidth, and memory depth, allowing users to upgrade the unit's capabilities in the future without investing in a new device. Along with their customizable flexibility, they offer a comprehensive package that includes a 3-year warranty and a 30-day no questions asked return policy.

Their accolades speak volumes, with the company proudly claiming prestigious honors. A few of their awards include:

How Does RIGOL Quality Compare to Competitors?

RIGOL, RIGOL technologies, oscilloscope, multimeters

RIGOL's commitment to honoring customers' budgets without compromising quality gives them a competitive edge, allowing them to outpace competitors while delivering exceptional performance.

In a series of tests conducted between RIGOL and Tektronix, it was found that the RIGOL DS7054 excels in rise-time performance, surpassing the Tektronix MDO3054 with superior sampling and wider bandwidth headroom.

The RIGOL DS7000 Series, powered by UltraVision II architecture and the Phoenix chipset, delivers enhanced frequency accuracy compared to the Tektronix MDO3000. With high 10GSa/sec sampling and a record length of up to 500Mpts, the RIGOL MSO7000 Series ensures accurate signal capture.

Popular RIGOL Products

 Rigol DS1054Z, oscilloscope, Rigol MSO5074, Rigol DP832A, analyzer, power supply, circuit specialists

RIGOL Technologies offers a wide range of products, and here are some of their top offerings:

  1. Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope: The Rigol DS1054Z is an oscilloscope that is popular among professionals and hobbyists alike. It features a 50 MHz bandwidth, four channels, and a large 7-inch display. With its advanced triggering capabilities and extensive analysis functions, the DS1054Z is a versatile tool for signal analysis and troubleshooting.
  2. Rigol MSO5074 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope: The Rigol MSO5074 combines the functionality of a traditional oscilloscope with a logic analyzer. It offers a bandwidth of 70 MHz, four analog channels, and 16 digital channels. With its ability to capture and analyze both analog and digital signals simultaneously, the MSO5074 is ideal for debugging complex digital systems.
  3. Rigol DP832A Power Supplies: The Rigol DP832A is highly reliable and programmable power supplies. It offers three output channels with a maximum output voltage of 30V and a maximum current of 3A per channel. With it’s excellent load regulation and low ripple, this power supplier provides stable and precise DC voltage outputs for a wide range of applications.

These products are just a few of RIGOL's extensive product lineup. The company continues to innovate and provide high-quality instruments to meet the needs of electricians, hobbyists, and professionals in various industries.

RIGOL Products Now Available at Circuit Specialists

DP711 - RIGOL 30V Power Supply (150W), MSO5354 - RIGOL 350MHz Oscilloscope, DS1202Z-E - RIGOL 200MHz Oscilloscope, circuit specialists

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Circuit Specialists now offers an extensive range of RIGOL Technologies products! In addition to the Rigol DS1054Z, MSO5074, DP832, and DP832A mentioned above, we will now have over 50 new RIGOL products in our catalog.

Our new RIGOL lineup features an array of cutting-edge instruments, including DC power supply units, multimeters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, a variety of probes, and different types of generators.

Here are a few standout products:

  1. DP711 - RIGOL 30V Power Supply (150W): This power supply unit offers a maximum output voltage of 30V and a power capacity of 150W. It provides reliable and precise DC power for your projects and experiments.
  2. DS1104Z-S Plus - RIGOL 100MHz Oscilloscope: With a bandwidth of 100MHz, this oscilloscope delivers high-performance signal analysis capabilities. It boasts advanced features and a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  3. DS1202Z-E - RIGOL 200MHz Oscilloscope: This 200MHz oscilloscope offers enhanced functionality and performance. It provides accurate measurements and detailed waveform analysis for demanding projects.
  4. DSG815 - RIGOL 1 GHz RF Signal Generator: Designed for RF testing and signal generation, this 1 GHz signal generator ensures precise and stable output signals. It is a versatile tool for applications in wireless communication and RF engineering.
  5. ADP0150BNC - RIGOL Impedance Adapter: The impedance adapter is a useful accessory that allows you to connect and adapt various probes and instruments with BNC connectors. It ensures compatibility and accurate signal measurements.
  6. PLA2216 - RIGOL Logic Probe: The logic probe is an essential tool for digital circuit analysis and debugging. With the PLA2216, you can precisely monitor and analyze digital signals to identify issues and optimize your designs.
  7. DP831 - RIGOL 160W Triple Output Power Supply: This power supply unit provides three output channels with a maximum power output of 160W. With adjustable voltage and current settings, it offers reliable and precise power for your electronic projects.
  8. MSO5354 - RIGOL 350MHz Oscilloscope: With a bandwidth of 350MHz, this oscilloscope offers advanced signal analysis capabilities. It features a large display, powerful triggering options, and extensive measurement functions, making it ideal for demanding applications.
  9. DG822 - RIGOL 25 MHz Function Generator: The DG822 is a versatile function generator capable of generating a variety of waveforms with frequencies up to 25MHz. With its high accuracy and numerous modulation options, it is suitable for a wide range of testing and development needs.
  10. RSA3015N - RIGOL Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer: This real-time spectrum analyzer is designed for analyzing and characterizing RF signals in various applications. With a frequency range up to 1.5 GHz, advanced measurement features, and intuitive software, it provides comprehensive spectrum analysis capabilities.

Whether you need to analyze signals, generate waveforms, or power your circuits reliably, the RIGOL lineup at Circuit Specialists provides the tools necessary to achieve your goals.

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