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Siglent SDS1102CFL 100 MHz 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Item no. SDS1102CFL
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Siglent SDS1102CFL 100 MHz 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Item no. SDS1102CFL
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Siglent SDS1102CFL 100 MHz 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Product Overview

Siglent’s SDS1000CFL family of scopes offer faster sampling rates and higher bandwidths than other Siglent SDS1000 families of scopes. The CFL’s provide up to four channels with an external trigger input channel and bandwidths up to 300 MHz. With a set of separate vertical controls for each input channel, you don’t need to worry about accidentally modifying the wrong trace. No more switching between channels as found in some other 2 and 4 channel oscilloscopes. Powerful triggering and analysis capabilities make it easy to capture and analyze waveforms, greatly improving the test efficiency.

Key Features of the SDS1102CFL 100 MHz 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

  • 7” Color TFT LCD display
  • 2 channels
  • 100MHz Bandwidth
  • Single channel real-time sampling rate is: 2 GSa/s, Equivalent sampling rate is 50 GSa/s
  • Memory depth: 24 Kpts
  • Trigger types: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative
  • Powerful Digital Filter function and Waveform recorder function
  • Auto measurement of thirty two parameters
  • 2 groups’ reference waveforms. 20 groups of captured waveforms and 20 groups of setups. Internal save/recall function and USB flash drive save/recall function.
  • Cursor types: Manual mode, Track mode and Auto mode
  • Channel waveform and its FFT waveform display on split screen or full screen
  • Four Screen display styles: Classical, Modern, Tradition, Succinct
  • Multiple Language User Interface
  • Supports built-in online help system
  • Standard interfaces: Dual USB Host; USB Device; LAN Port; Pass/Fail Out



Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
Input Impedance 1MΩ±2% || 18Pf±3Pf
Maximum input voltage  400V (DC+AC PK-PK, 1MΩ input impedance, X10), CAT I
Ch to Ch Isolation (Both channels in same V/div setting) >100:1 at 50MHz
Probe attenuator  1X,10X
Probe attenuator Factors Set 1X,5X,10X,50X,100X ,500X,1000X

Vertical System

Vertical Sensitivity 2mV/div -5V/div(1-2-5 order)
2mV/div -5V/div(1-2-5 order) 2mV-100mV: ±800mV 102mV-5V: ±40V
Vertical Resolution 8 bit
Channels 2
Analog Bandwidth  100MHz
Single-shot Bandwidth 100MHz
BW Flatness at BNC input DC -10% of rated BW: +/- 1dB
10% - 50% of rated BW: +/- 2dB
50% - 100% of rated BW: + 2dB/-3dB 
Lower frequency limit (AC -3dB) ≤10Hz(at input BNC)
Noise: Pk-Pk for 3K record ≤0.6 Div for average of 10 Pk-Pk readings, Fixed gain settings
≤0.7 Div for average of 10 Pk-Pk readings, Variable gain settings 
SFDR including harmonics (measured with FFT) >=35dB
DC Gain Accuracy <±3.0%: 5mv/div to 5V/div in Fixed Gain Ranges
<±4.0%: 2mv/div Variable Gain Ranges
DC Measurement Accuracy: All Gain settings≤100mv/div ±[3%* ? |reading|+|offset| ? +1% *of |offset| +0.2div+2mv]
DC Measurement Accuracy: All Gain settings ? 100mv/div ±[3%* ? |reading|+|offset| ? +1%* of |offset| +0.2div+100mv]
Rise time  <3.5ns
Overshoot, Typical (using 500ps pulse) <10% with probe or BNC input w/ 50 Ohm feed thru
Ch to Ch Skew (both channels in same V/div setting) <1ns  (Equivalent to 2 minor divisions in smallest t/div)
Math operation +, -, *, /, FFT
FFT Window mode: Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Rectangular
Sampling points: 1024
Bandwidth limited 20MHz ±40% (Note: BW limited below 20MHz when using probe in x1) 

Horizontal System

Real Time Sampling Rate Single Channel: 2GSa/s, Double Channels: 1GSa/s (When timebase faster than 25ns/div)
Equivalent Sampling Rate The highest equivalent sampling rate of other Models is 50GSa/s
Measure Display Modes MAIN, WINDOW, WINDOW ZOOM, ROLL, X-Y
Timebase Accuracy ±100ppm measured over 1ms interval
Horizontal Scan Range 1.0nS/DIV - 50S/DIV
Scan: 100mS/DIV ?50S/DIV (1-2.5-5 sequence)

Trigger System

Trigger Types Edge, Pulse Width, Video,Slope, Alternative
Trigger Source CH1,CH2,CH3,CH4,EXT,EXT/5,AC Line
Trigger Modes Auto, Normal, Single
Trigger Coupling AC, DC, LF rej, HF rej
Trigger Level Range   CH1,CH2,CH3,CH4: ±6divisions from center of screen
EXT: ±1.2V
EXT/5: ±6V
Trigger Displacement Pre-trigger:(Memory depth/(2*sampling)), Delay Trigger: 260DIV
Trigger Level Accuracy (typical) applicable for the signal of rising and falling time ≥20ns Internal: ±(0.2 div×V/div)( within±4 divisions from center of screen)
EXT: ±(6% of setting + 40 mV)
EXT/5: ±(6% of setting + 200 mV)
Trigger Sensitivity   For fixed gain ranges
1 Divisions: DC-10MHz
1.5 Divisions: 10MHz - Max BW 
EXT: 200mVpp DC-10MHz, 300mVpp 10MHz - Max BW 
EXT/5: 1Vpp DC-10MHz, 1.5Vpp 10MHz - Max BW 
Pulse Width Trigger  Trigger Modes: (>,<, =)positive Pulse Width, (>, <, =)Negative Pulse Width
Pulse Width Range: 20ns – 10s
Video Trigger  Support signal Formats: PAL/SECAM, NTSC
Trigger condition : odd field, even field, all lines, line Num
Slope Trigger  (>,<, =) Positive slope, (>,<, =) Negative slope
Time: 20ns-10s
Alternative Trigger  CH1 trigger type: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope
CH2 trigger type: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope

X-Y Mode

X-pole Input / Y-Pole Input (CH1) / (CH2) or (CH3)/(CH4)
Sample Frequency XY mode has a breakthrough that trad oscilloscopes restrict sampling rate at 1MSa/s. Support 25Ksa/s~ 250Msa/s adjusted.

Hardware Frequency Counter

Reading resolution  1 Hz
Accuracy ±0.01%
Range DC Couple, 10Hz to MAX Bandwidth
Signal Types Satisfying all Trigger signals(Except Pulse width trigger and Video Trigger)

Control Panel Function

Auto Set Auto adjusting the Vertical, Horizontal system and Trigger Position 
Save/Recall Support 2 Group referenced Waveforms, 20 Group setups,20 Group captured Waveforms internal Storage/Recall function and USB flash driver storage function.

Measure System

Auto Measure (32 Types) Vpp, Vmax, Vmin, Vamp, Vtop, Vbase, Vavg, Mean,Crms, Vrms, ROVShoot, FOVShoot, RPREShoot, FPREShoot, Rise time, Fall time, Freq, Period,+ Wid,-Wid, +Dut, -Dut, BWid, Phase, FRR, FRF, FFR, FFF, LRR, LRF, LFR, LFF
Cursor Measure Manual mode, Track mode and Auto mode

Display System

Display Mode Color TFT 7.0in.(177.8mm)diagonal Liquid Crystal Display
Resolution 480 horizontal by 234 vertical pixels
Display Color 64K color
Display Contrast (Typical state) 150:1
Backlight Intensity(Typical state) 300nit
Wave display range 8 x 18 div
Wave Display Mode Dots, Vector
Persist Off, 1 sec, 2 sec, 5 sec, Infinite
Menu Display 2 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 20 sec, Infinite
Screen-Saver Off,1min,2min,5min,10min,15min,30 min,1hour,2hour,5hour
Skin Classical, Modern, Tradition, Succinct
waveform interpolation Sin(x)/x,Linear
Color model Normal , Invert
Language English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Portuguese Spanish, Japanese, Korean,Italian


Temperature Operating:10℃ to +40℃
Not operating: -20℃ to +60℃
Cooling The fan forces it cold.
Humidity Operating: 85%RH, 40℃, 24 hours
Not operating: 85%RH, 65℃, 24 hours
Height Operating: 3000m
Not operating: 15,266m

Power Supply

Input Voltage 100-240 VAC, CAT II, Auto selection
Frequency Scope  45Hz to 440Hz
Power 50VA Max


Dimension length: 358mm
Width: 156mm
Height: 118mm
weight 4.3kg

Product Details

Bandwidth: $item.getOptionValue($facet.getFieldName())

Channels: 2

Sampling Rate: 2GSa/s

Memory: <50k

Screen Type: LCD

Portable: Tabletop


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