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Rigol NFP-3 Near Field Probe - 30Mhz to 3Ghz

by Rigol
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NFP-3 is Rigol's 30MHz~3GHz near field probe kit, which offers 4 different probes with varying ranges and capabilities. The kit was specifically designed for DSA series spectrum analyzers to facilitate EMI tests of electronic products. 

NFP-3 near field probes can be used to test the magnetic field strength and magnetic field coupling channels on the surface of electronic components—including the magnetic field environment near the electronic module—so as to quickly locate the interference source. 

The NFP-3 includes 4 different models with varying capabilities:

  • NFP-3-P1: Test range is within 10 cm. Used to locate the leakage field. 
  • NFP-3-P2: Test range is within 3 cm. Used to accurately test the leakage field. 
  • NFP-3-P3: Resolution is about 5 mm. Used to test the electromagnetic leakage of the cables. 
  • NFP-3-P4: Resolution is about 2 mm. It can test the magnetic field in the vertical direction and the electromagnetic field generated by the PCB wiring. 

Frequency Range

30 MHz to 3 GHz

Terminal Type 

SMB (M) 


N (M)-BNC (F)

RF Cable 

BNC (M)-SMB (F), 1000 mm 

Terminal and Adaptor Impedance

50 Ω 


260 mm × 190 mm × 30 mm (with package)

 See User Guide for more details. 


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