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Rigol RP1100D High Voltage Differential Probe, DC-100 Mhz, 7000 VPP

by Rigol
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Rigol's RP1100D high voltage differential probe can convert high differential input voltage to low voltage and display the waveforms on an oscilloscope. Its working frequency is up to 100MHz, making it suitable for large electricity test and R&D. As part of Rigol's RP1000D series, the high voltage differential probe is applicable to general purpose oscilloscopes and the labeled attenuation ratios are those when the input impedance of the oscilloscope is 1MΩ. The attenuation ratios will double when the input impedance of the oscilloscope is 50Ω.

RP1100D Specifications


DC - 100MHz (-3dB)

Attenuation Ratio

X100, X200, X500, X1000



Input Voltage Range (DC + AC peak-peak value) 

X100 attenuation ratio: ≤ 700Vpp, about 230Vrms or DC 

X200 attenuation ratio: ≤ 1400Vpp, about 460Vrms or DC 

X500 attenuation ratio: ≤ 3500Vpp, about 1140Vrms or DC 

X1000 attenuation ratio: ≤ 7000Vpp, about 2300Vrms or DC 

Maximum Input Voltage

Maximum differential voltage: 7000V (DC+AC peak-peak value) or 2300Vrms 

Voltage to ground at the input terminal: 6500Vrms 

Input Impedance

Differential: 16MΩ/1.2pF 

Single-ended and to ground: 8MΩ/2.3pF 

Output Voltage

≤ ±8.0V

Output Impedance


Rise Time 


Probe Dimensions 

About 240mm x 85mm x 36mm

Maximum Voltage to Ground



  • AC Power Adapter
  • Dual-BNC coaxial cable
    • 50Ω impedance,  RG58C UL, 100cm length 
  • 2 High voltage dedicated dual-banana plug silicon cables 
    • UL 20KV, 16AWG, 60cm length 
  • 2 High voltage dedicated IC clips 
    • maximum 6500V (DC+AC p-p) 
  • 2 Safety alligator clips 
    • UL 1000V CAT II,10A 
  • 2 Safety contact probe prods 
    • ​​UL 1000V,CAT III 


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