LabNation SmartScope Dual-Channel 100MS/S 30 MHz USB Oscilloscope with Logic Analyzer and Waveform Generator


LabNation SmartScope Dual-Channel 100MS/S 30 MHz USB Oscilloscope with Logic Analyzer and Waveform Generator

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30 MHz LabNation SmartScope Dual-Channel 100MS/S  USB Oscilloscope / Logic Analyzer / Waveform Generator

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You can take the SmartScope on the road. A single cable turns your tablet, laptop or smartphone into an oscilloscope. No wall outlet is required

Cross-platform to the extreme

The worlds only oscilloscope that runs on all major platforms: Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS. Connect the SmartScope to virtually any device!*

*NOTE: Smartphones & tablets MUST support USB OTG (On The Go) cables. Android version 4.0 or higher and USB hosr support is required for Android smartphones/tablets. iPhone & iPads will require `jailbreaking' for use. (check out our blog post on what is an OTG device.

Key Features:

Key Features



Bandwidth 30 MHz -3dB point
Sample rate 2 × 100 MS/s
Channels 2
Max pre-trigger position 16 × full scale
Max post-trigger position Full scale
Max full voltage scale 10V/div ±35V input range
Min full voltage scale 20mV/div
Analog input range -35V, +35V
Max input peak-to-peak 40V
Signal coupling AC / DC
Precision 8 bit
Input impedance 1 MOhm // 10 pF
Waverforms 200 waveforms/s
Data delay to host < 10ms
Sample depth Up to 4 million samples per channel
External trigger Yes

Logic Analyzer

Input channels 8
Input impedance 100kOhm // 2pF to GND
Sample rate 100 MS/s
Logic level 3,3 V or 5 V
Diode protection Bidirectional
Input data buffer 4 million samples
Waveforms 200 waveforms/s
Data delay to host < 10ms
Protocol decoders I2C, SPI, UART integrated / User extensible

Waveform Generator

Analog Output
Output channels 1
Data rate Up to 50 MS/s
Output level 0 - 3,3 V Opamp driven
Output buffer Up to 2048 samples
Max slew rate 30ns/V
Step 13 mV

Digital Output

Channels 4
Data rate Up to 100 MS/s
Output level 3,3 V or 5 V selectable
Output buffer Up to 2048 samples
Diode protected Yes

Size & Connectivity

Length 110,0 mm
Width 64,0 mm
Depth 24,2 mm
Weight 158 g
Case Aluminium


Device - Host mini USB cable included
Record waveforms Store Matlab (.mat) or Excel (.csv) files through dropbox
Analog BNC 2 probes included
Digital 8 × 0,1" pitch, probes included
Sync USB micro B-B
Power USB micro B optional


Softscope application software is available on their Softscope Applications page.


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