Hantek DSO5202P Review from “Freddie” (Verified Purchaser)

DSO5202P Review from: Freddie (Verified Purchaser)
I looked at this deal & frankly thought it might be too good to be true. It was originally $329.00 but then Circuit Specialists put it on sale for $299.00. A 200 MHz Digital Storage Scope for less than $300.00 Unbelievable plus they didn’t even charge me shipping ! So, I’ve had it over 3 months and really couldn’t by more pleased with my decision. My Rigol had gone kaput (needed a new main board replacement) and buying this model really wasn’t much more than the cost of repairing the Rigol.
The Hantek DSO5202P is a great hobby oscilloscope, but also very capable for more serious work. It has many features that are not present even in the newest of competing products. For example, it can trigger separately on two waveforms with different frequencies. The wide 6″ screen is bright and the fonts are easy to read. It has no less than 16 horizontal divisions, which makes displaying long stretches of data a pleasure.

Advanced triggering options such as >,<,= and != allow triggering on complex signals and aid in finding that elusive “runt” pulse
The digital filtering features of this ‘scope is mind-blowing. It has low-pass, band-pass, high-pass and band-stop filters which allows you to look at only the specific tuned frequency. It works great for filtering out high frequency noise.

The cursors are easy to use and display measured data without cramping the screen. The automatic measurements are displayed in a vertical column on the right and, due to the wide display, do not cramp the displayed waveform. Saving bitmap pictures couldn’t be easier, especially using the ‘save to USB’ key as a hot-key to immediately save the images to a USB disk. No messy input screens, no fuss.

The hardware-based frequency counter measures the frequency of any wave that is being triggered on and does not require the full waveform to be displayed. I’ve measured frequencies over 150 MHz with it, but I’m sure it will be able to measure even higher frequencies. The 40 K memory depth is perfectly adequate for any measurement task I have required and in no way limits any operation of this scope.

I cannot complain about the build-quality and reliable firmware operation. The supplied PC software is ideal when a larger display size is desired or when several engineers are collaborating on a measurement or project.

Terrific value. Very glad I purchased this oscilloscope.

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