How To Cut Plastic Project Boxes

Knowing how to cut plastic project boxes for electronics projects or other projects is a key step in prototyping and design. We recently completed an electronics project with a PB-3P plastic project box where we needed to mount electrical receptacles to each side of the box in order to build a smart outlet. Cutting our Plastic Project Boxes is easy with the proper planning and correct tools. Below are the steps on how to cut plastic project boxes effectively:

1. Draw the area needed to be removed. Draw a vertical line from top to bottom with a pointy object like a flat head screwdriver. This will serve as a perspective line and keep other lines stay straight.

How to cut plastic project boxes

2. When using a thin walled plastic project box it is very important to install the lid before the cutting process. The lid plays a big role on the structural integrity. 

How to cut plastic project boxes

3a. Using a very small drill, 1/16″ or smaller, drill out the corners of the cuts you will be making and at any points where there is a sharp angle.

3b. It is easier to cut smaller then come back to fix it. One of the easiest and most precise ways to make the cuts is with a rotary cutting tool, often referred to as a Dremel tool. When cutting with a rotary cutting wheel such as this one from Harbor Freight, place the cutting tool in the center line then move it back and forward to finish the cut. Always use caution when using sharp tools such as these. *If you don’t have access to this type of power tool you can also drill holes at each corner of your

How to cut plastic project boxes

4. Clean up and test fit the part. Use a filer to enlarge the whole to fit the part better if needed. Don’t be disappointed if the box breaks on your first attempt, we always recommend purchasing extra plastic project boxes in case this happens to you.

Thanks for reading about how to cut plastic project boxes. We hope you found this tutorial useful and we always welcome your feedback to improve our content. Check out our Plastic Project Box selection here for your next prototyping or manufacturing project!

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