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Hantek DSO5202P Digital Storage Oscilloscope - Circuit Specialists Blog

How to adjust the brightness on Hantek DSO5202P-INT Oscilloscope

Changing the display brightness on the Hantek DSO5202P-INT Oscilloscope can be done with the following easy steps.

First, Turn the Hantek DSO5202P-INT on.

Second, Press the Display button to access display setting menu.

Display button

Then, you can press F5 to choose the contrast setting.

F5 button

Then, you can use V0 to change the contrast setting.

V0 button

Now, you can change the oscilloscope contrast setting to the user preference level.

Contract level

Finally, you can press F0 to get out of display menu.

For more information about oscilloscopes and test equipment, please visit our website.

You can also visit the Hantek website for the manual and spec sheet.

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