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Product Review of the CSI3003SM and CSI3005SM DC Switching Power Supplies

Circuit Specialists has supplied a wide range of DC Power Supplies for many years, but they were primarily Linear Power Supplies. The latest additions to our extensive line of Power Supplies are switch-mode power supplies that will provide our customers an alternative to the heavy linear power supplies. The CSI3003SM and CSI3005SM DC Power Supplies are both 0 to 30 volt adjustable Power Supplies with current capabilities of either 3 Amps or 5 Amps. They offer adjustable current limiting and constant current operation with Fine and Coarse adjustment controls for both Voltage and Current. This allows voltage resolution of 0.1 volts and current resolution of 0.01 Amps. The Load regulation is a respectable <1% +10 mV and the maximum ripple voltage is 200 mV peak to peak. Since these DC Power Supplies utilize switch-mode technology, they weigh less than 3 pounds. This compares to a comparable linear power supply that weighs around 12 pounds. The efficiency of these power supplies is inherently better than an equivalent linear supply by at least 20%, due to the improved switch mode technology. The Circuit Specialist CSI3003SM and CSI3005SM Switching Power supplies (Switcher) provide a light weight and more energy efficient alternative to Linear DC Power Supplies.
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