DSO150 Oscilloscope (The little scope that can)

    We recently were contacted to test out a new oscilloscope product, the DSO150 shell. Upon reception, I really liked it, and thought it would fit well into our market. After some research to get all the details behind the product, it turned out we had been shipped a counterfeit product. We contacted JEYTech directly, and they graciously helped us become an authorized distributor. We are now proud to announce and sell the DSO150.

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So what exactly can you do with this little oscilloscope? Well, you can visualize the voltage of any signal up to 200KHz, in the range of 25VDC, and 50Vpk2pk. This includes everything from an audio signal, to your AC mains with the proper equipment, to diagnosing your output for that Arduino sketch you couldn’t get to work. Even if you wanted to examine the signal noise on your power supply, or other mains connected device it has AC coupling to strictly isolate the information you’re looking for.

Whether a gift for your children, you’re inexperienced with oscilloscopes, or a seasoned engineer, the DSO150 has some pretty packed features for a mere $40 retail. So pick up yours today. Don’t forget your power supply, or extra hardware to probe those higher voltages.

Always remember to connect the probe ground to earth ground, never to neutral when probing AC mains. Proceed at your own risk, it can be fatal.


  • Vertical
    • Number of Channel: 1
    • Analog Bandwidth: 0 – 200KHz
    • Sensitivity: 5mV/Div – 20V/Div
    • Sensitivity error: < 5%
    • Resolution: 12-bit
    • Input Impedance: 1M ohm
    • Maximum Input voltage: 50Vpk2pk
    • Coupling: DC, AC, GND
  • Horizontal
    • Max Real-time Sampling Rate: 1Msps
    • Timebase: 10us/Div – 500s/Div
    • Record Length: 1024
  • Trigger
    • Trigger Modes: Auto, Normal, Single
    • Trigger Types: Rising/falling edge
    • Trigger Position: 1/2 of buffer size fixed
  • Display
    • 2.4-inch color TFT LCD with 320 x 240 resolution
  • Power Supply
    • 9V DC (8 – 10V acceptable)
    • Supply Current: 120mA @ 9V
  • Physical
    • Dimension: 115mm X 75mm X 22mm
    • Weight: 100 gram (not including cables and power supply)

2 thoughts on “DSO150 Oscilloscope (The little scope that can)

  • June 20, 2019 at 10:56 am

    You for got to mention the new Measurements Function: I have had two previous versions of the DSO scope which did not have this. It provides written measurements: Hold down [OK] button for about 3 seconds. This will turn ON or OFF on-screen display of measurements including Vmax, Vmin, Vavr, Vpp, Vrms, Freq., Cycle, Pulse width, and Duty cycle. These are surprisingly accurate – and very handy for directly reading measurements – including an accurate frequency meter !!

  • October 4, 2019 at 11:47 am

    It may be that your previous models were counterfeit. When we first ordered a supply, we were shipped counterfeits. It took some time and effort to find the original, and true developers. Because these are straight from JYETech, you can also update the firmware, which isn’t possible with the counterfeits.

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