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Using Stepper Motors to Play Theme Song

Using Stepper Motors to Play Theme Song

A Youtuber used stepper motors to play theme song is the coolest thing we found on the Internet today. The latest youtube video find comes from a user who goes by cmhiekses, who use stepper motors to play the Mario theme song with a MIDI file. The sound comes entirely from the motors and the MIDI file is composed by the builder.


The Arduino provides the commands that tell the stepper motors when to turn and stop. The NEMA 17 stepper motors powered by a 24 volt, 4 amp.

The final result is the wicket thing I have ever seen. cmhiekses was able to use the "frequency" of the motor to play a complete song. Noted that the frequency here is actually the motor vibrating. The U brackets amplify the sound so that we can hear it better.

Now imagine doing this in a much larger setting. You can visit Choosing a Stepper Motor Power Supply blog article to learn more about stepper motor.

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